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In 2017, the declaration and selection of "game quality project" began!

In 2017, the declaration and selection of "game quality project" began!

2017/10/18 20:51
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[Chinese and foreign toy network October 13th] recently, the State Administration of press, publication and radio and television issued the notice on the declaration and selection of the 2017 China's original game quality publishing project, which officially launched the "game quality project" Declaration this year.
The enterprises that meet the requirements shall declare to the provincial administrative departments for publication within the prescribed time (from the date of notification to November 15, 2017).
(I) Rules of work
1. The main body of the declaration
Chinese mainland game R & D, publishing, operating enterprise and R & D team (individual).
2. The declared works
Domestic original game works have been legally published, and the publication time of the game is from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.
(two) support measures
1, we will give notice and commendation to the R & D, publishing, operation enterprises and R & D teams (individuals), as well as the organization and implementation department that has made outstanding contributions, and issue certificates.
2, for the development of enterprises selected works, published around the administration and administrative departments in the development of game works declare publishing approval and engaged in game operation business bid web publishing service license, to provide priority and give special guidance; the time limit for the related works selected "boutique game project" published within 2 years from the date of.
3, publishing departments at all levels should publicize "game quality projects" and their selected works and related businesses through various channels, expand the influence of game quality and the role of engineering demonstration.
The administrative departments in charge of the publication of the 4, at all levels should actively take measures to promote the "boutique game project", the preferential policy, project support, education and Training Award and other aspects of priority "boutique game selected works, the relevant enterprises, promote the sustainable development of enterprises.
(three) declaration time
From the date of issuance of the notice to November 15, 2017, the applicant will declare the game works of the 2017 "game quality project" to the provincial administrative department for publication.
Notifications of the declaration and evaluation of the "Chinese original game of the original game" in 2017
A notice on the implementation of the "Chinese original game excellent publishing project"