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The highlight of the 2018 Nuremberg Toy Fair

The highlight of the 2018 Nuremberg Toy Fair

2017/10/18 15:38
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[foreign] toy news network October 17th the morning of October 17th, the world's largest and most international toy fair - Germany Nuremberg toy exhibition organizers in Germany Beihua Shi (Spielwarenmesse eG) and its partners Shi Beihua wholly owned subsidiaries in China (Shanghai) Limited company held in Shanghai once a year the toy industry dialogue, the exhibition organizers management director Florian on 2018 Hess Exhibition (2018.1.31-2018.2.4) to communicate the latest industry and guests on behalf of. The whole media center of Chinese and foreign toys was invited to participate in the activities.
According to the introduction, the exhibition area of Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2017 was 170 thousand square meters, attracting 2871 exhibitors in 63 countries and regions, and the number of exhibits was over 100 thousand. There were 73000 professional buyers from more than 120 countries. What are the highlights of the 2018 exhibition?
The trend corridor (TrendGallery)
Since its first establishment in 2014, the 3A pavilion has become the center stage of the exhibition, and the exhibition of Toy Prize winning products, business forum and so on is displayed here. Of course, the most interesting and inevitable thing is the trend corridor (TrendGallery), which shows the trend of the global toy industry in the future. It is called the trend vane of the toy industry.
Special three major theme purchasing areas
- NEW!! middle entrance hall: when the toy meets the Toys meet Books concept, it will make its first appearance in the 2018 exhibition. Exhibitors, mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, lead bookseller buyers into the wonderful toy world. Business Dialogue, product guide and exhibition tour will be provided.
- 4A exhibition hall: Tech2Play exhibition area, focusing on high-tech toys, this year, new "electronic learning" class, more personal experience!
- 2 and 3 Museum Gallery: infant products special area, display for the newborn is designed with a wide range of products and innovative inspiration.
Strengthening the docking of authorized business platform
The Nuremberg Toy Fair will strengthen the authorized business platform, cooperate with the international authorized business association (LIMA), and set up booths in the 12 exhibition hall, which will become an important link between the authorized party and the authorized party at the exhibition site.
Business forum focuses on hot topics in industry
- January 31, 2017 (Wednesday): what is the next trend? In-depth analysis of industry experts
- February 1, 2017 (Thursday): embrace digitalization or death? Can you survive in the future?
- February 2, 2017 (Friday): multiple channels - many ways to find customers
- February 3, 2017 (Saturday): toy business school - correct purchase, successful sales
- February 4, 2017 (Sunday): reshaping the market - innovative ideas and creative thinking
Tour guide
Life style products (Mitte, No. 1)
Dolls, flexible toys (No. 1)
Baby products (Pavilion 2 and 3)
Wooden toys and natural toys (3, 3A Pavilion)
Learning supplies, stationery and creative design (No. 4)
Science and technology toys, educational toys, and action toys (4, 4A, 5, 6)
Track model and accessories (4A Pavilion)
Model and hobby toys (7, 7A)
Sports, leisure and outdoor products (No. 7 and 8)
Festival articles, Carnival and fireworks products (No. 9)
Games, books, learning and experimentation, multimedia (hall 10, 10.1, 10)
Integrated products (3A, 11, 11.1, 12, 12.2)
Selected exhibition area of China (No. 11)
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